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About us

The 1910's
The National Building is constructed in between Washington & Fountain Street.

Joseph Murphy opens Murphy's Lunch in the National Building months before the Great Depression begins.

Joseph partners up with a Jewish immigrant who revitalizes the menu by adding NY style deli sandwiches and half-sour pickles. The name changed to Murphy's Delicatessen.

Murphy's takes over it's neighbor to the left, the Keyhole Lounge, bringing the bar and the deli concept together. The name is changed to Murphy's Delicatessen & Bar.

Murphy's takes over it's neighbor to the right, a barber shop, bringing the seating count up to 65.

After working at the establishment since 1979, Ruth Ferrazzano takes over Murphy's. Ruth's ownership inspires the moniker "the Swedish woman with the Italian last name who runs an Irish Pub with a Jewish Deli".

Murphy's relocates two blocks from the National Building (at the time known as The Strand Theatre Building) to the Cosmopolitan Building.

After renovation, the name is changed to Murphy's. Murphy's incorporates a 100% from-scratch menu using seasonal fruits and vegetables and locally sourced meats while still focusing on producing gourmet comfort food.